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Botanically Derived Terpenes

We’re working diligently to ensure that you are able to buy verifiably pure botanical terps. Don’t buy without documentation. Don’t take the risk. Don’t waste your money.

Botanically derived terpenes for sale that are verifiably proven pure.

Botanical Terpene Isolates

All of our terpene isolates listed below are exclusively derived from botanical sources. Each isolate is extracted from a plant. There are no added compounds, flavorings, solvents, vegetable oils, thinners or any other sort of adulterant to our isolates. Buy with confidence. Buy botanically derived terpenes from Floraplex. 

  • Limonene - Floraplex Terpenes 30ml Bottle


  • Myrcene terpenes for sale by Floraplex Terpenes

    Myrcene Terpenes

  • Terpineol - Floraplex 30ml Bottle


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  • Terpinolene - Floraplex 30ml Bottle


  • Valencene - Floraplex 30ml Bottle


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Botanical Terpene Diluents

Depending on your application you may need to reduce the concentration of your terpene blend, however you most formulators do not want to alter the flavor or aroma profile of their product. This is where botanically derived terpene diluents come into play.

  • High Viscosity Terpene Blend


Botanical Terpene Blends

We are currently awaiting quantitative lab analysis for our new line of 100% Botanical Terpene Blends. We feel that it is our responsibility to provide you with supporting documentation to present your regulators with for approval. The Botaniterp line will consist of 10 initial blends as well as our sensory line. If you would like to try samples, please fill out our sample request form which can be found here. For now, you can make your own blends with isolates found on this page as well as our high viscosity terpene diluent.

Choose from our premium selection of botanically derived terpene blends. This category of blends is 100% comprised of terpenes derived from plant sources. Buy with confidence, there are no other added ingredients to these products. Just terps. Each product page features lab results that support our claim of 100% botanically derived terpenes. Don’t take the risk. Don’t buy without documentation!

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