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Alpha Bisabolol for sale at Floraplex is a versatile Terpene isolate known for its fresh, sweet, and floral aroma. It is a colorless and highly viscous oil primarily derived from German Chamomile.

Mineral Oil Free & Vitamin E Free

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Bisabolol for Sale | Natural & Food Grade Alpha Bisabolol Terpenes

What is it?

Alpha Bisabolol is a terpene isolate well known for its fresh, sweet, and floral aroma. It is a colorless, nearly odorless, and highly viscous terpene. It is primarily derived from German Chamomile Matricaria. Bisabolol is a sesquiterpene alcohol.

Alpha-Bisabolol Properties

Alpha-Bisabolol Terpene Molecule

Natural or Synthetic: Natural
Color: Colorless
Consistency: Oily, very thick terpene
Odor: Sweet, floral, nearly odorless terpene
Taste: very faint, sweet, floral, nearly tasteless terpene
Boiling point: 314.5ºC
Flashpoint: >93 °C
Solubility: Ethanol soluble
Formula: C15H26
Density: 0.9±0.1 g/cm3
Molecular Weight: 222.372 g/mo

What does Alpha Bisabolol Terpene smell like?

Isolated α-bisabolol is a constituent of German Chamomile. If you drink Chamomile tea, you have experienced it before. Bisabolol is what gives Chamomile its slightly sweet and flowery taste and smell.

Why is Alpha-Bisabol so expensive?

Alpha Bisabolol is in high demand, and there is a global supply shortage. The manufacturing process used to make the terpene is more complicated than the traditional steam distillation methods. These two reasons are the main drivers of bisabolol’s price.

The vast majority of Alpha-bisabolol for sale today is synthetic bisabolol. Natural α bisabolol is much harder to source consistently because there are not many manufacturers making it. Because of this, Natural bisabolol is more expensive. Floraplex offers the best natural bisabolol pricing on the web.

What is Alpha-Bisabolol used for?

Consumer goods manufacturers buy bisabolol for a variety of reasons. This multifaceted terpene is used by many industries to make many products. The cosmetic and skin care industries are the biggest buyers of bisabolol. It is also used in food products as a flavoring agent.

Floraplex Terpene Blends that contain Alpha Bisabol:

Sour Diesel
Super Lemon Haze
Gorilla Glue #4
Cantaloupe Haze
Lemon OG

Plants that contain Bisabolol

Milfoil Yarrow
Sideritis Mugronensis
Little Scullcap

Note: These are examples of plant oils that contain this terpene. Isolated terpenes for sale at Floraplex are superior to essential oils. Isolates give the user precise control over their terpene use rate.

Essential oils are considered “crude.” They typically contain dozens of additional mystery components that may not be useful. Buy natural bisabolol from Floraplex and know what your getting.

Terpene Blends

Isolated terpenes are useful for building terpene profiles from scratch or using them as a singular flavor and aroma enhancers. However, not everyone wants to go through the trial and error of doing it right. Interested in easy to use and pre-made terpene profiles? If so, please head over to our terpene profile blends page


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