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Terpene Education Center

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Mixing Terpenes

Mixing Terpenes

Terpene isolates and blends are highly concentrated and on their own can be hazardous, therefore dilution (weakening the overall strength of a solution) is necessary for safe consumption and/or use.

Terpene Mixing Calculator

The easiest way to determine the amount of terpenes and diluent you need to add to your products.

Terpene Basics

What Are Terpenes

At their most basic form, terpenes are organic compounds with strong odors and tastes that are derived from isoprene—another organic compound.

Are Terpenes Essential Oils?

At first glance, terpenes and essential oils can seem like the same thing; they both can come from plants, they’re both aromatic, they’re used for many of the same things.

How to Use Terpenes

Terpenes are organic compounds that are made naturally by plants and some insects. They are what give fruits, flowers, and herbs their unique aroma and flavors.

Are Terpenes Lipids?

Whether you are using them for essential oils, bath products, or any other nice smelling project, understanding the properties of terpenes is important to making any project successful.

Terpene Extraction

Terpenes are the building blocks of the smells and tastes we find throughout nature, and we have found a way to extract these organic compounds. Terpene extraction has opened up countless terpene uses from cosmetics to food additives, but how is it done?

Terpenes and Beer

When it comes to terpenes, we often don’t consider their impact on beer but it turns out these compounds make a huge difference in the drink’s taste, smell, and quality.

Terpene Hydrocarbons

Terpene classification can be confusing, especially for those unfamiliar with them or those who do not have a background in chemistry. Terms like isoprene and hydrocarbon can seem like a foreign language and even after you learn what they mean it is easy to confuse them.

Individual Terpenes