Floraplex Terpene Mixing Calculator

Terpene Mixture Calculator

Find out the amount of terpenes and diluent that you need to add to your products.

Recommended terpene concentration (by weight):

Distillate: 5-15%; most customers use ≈12%
CO2 extract: 2-10%; most customers use ≈5%
BHO: 0.5%-5%; most customers use ≈1%
MCT oil (tinctures): 0.25-2%; most customers use ≈1%

Recommended diluent concentration by viscosity of concentrate or extract (by weight; not for use with vape juice):

Thin (e.g., vegetable oil): 0.5-3%
Thicker (e.g., agave nectar): 3-5%
Thickest (e.g., tree sap): 5-10%