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Floraplex Terpene Blends

Our expert formulation chemists have worked tirelessly to develop complex and unique terpene profiles for our clients.
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Our blends contain dozens of unique and rare terpenes not found in other blends on the market. Our blends are quality assured and pass the strictest state-mandated testing requirements nation wide. Don’t be fooled by companies selling expensive terps. Higher prices do not equal better quality. Our terpene blends are lab-tested, affordable, and the highest quality available on the market today. Learn more.

Why Floraplex?

Floraplex has disrupted the market by introducing terpene blends packed dozens of unique and rare isolates  at great prices. All of our terpene blends are 3rd party laboratory tested. Our terpene specification charts list each terpene used to make our blends by name, type, and concentration. Floraplex is leading the pack in quality, transparency, and affordability. Check out our Terpene Spec Sheets for more info.

What Are Terpene Blends?

Blends are highly concentrated mixtures of various isolates used by professionals for enhancing aroma and flavor characteristics of food and beverage products. Each individual terpene possesses a unique scent and flavor. Flavor chemists have precisely developed Floraplex’s terpene blends so that they are aromatically distinct and complex. Far too often, our customers tell us that most terpene blends on the market sort of taste and smell the same. Floraplex offers terpene blends that stand out from the crowd helping differentiate our clients’ products in a congested industry.

Are Floraplex Terpenes Lab Tested?

All of our blends are lab tested by a third-party laboratory for heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and residual solvents. Even at full strength, our blends pass the strictest state requirements across the nation. We also utilize our in-house analytical laboratory for maintaining our rigorous quality standards. We test samples for purity, concentration, and the presence of contaminants. We provide the public with easy access to test results right here on our website. Check out our blend test results here.

Are All Terpene Companies The Same?

Most definitely not! Terp companies vary significantly in terms of product quality, consistency, and pricing. Some companies test their products; others don’t. Some companies disclose their ingredients; others don’t. But one common characteristic amongst the so called “market leaders” is that their terpenes are unjustifiably overpriced. There isn’t a good reason for the vast pricing disparity between other companies and Floraplex. The main reason that our products are so much cheaper than the competition’s is because we don’t charge for hype…

Don’t be fooled by expensive terpenes. High priced terpene companies are using the same quality of ingredients as more affordable companies like Floraplex. The main difference between our products and theirs is hype. Higher-priced terpenes doesn’t equal higher quality terpenes. It’s all a facade. They price terpenes the way that they do because people are programmed to think better quality when they see higher prices. At the end of the day, terpenes are terpenes. The quality of the blend comes down to the skillset of the flavor chemist making the blend. Our blends contain more terpenes and cost half as much as the competition: no hype, no exaggerations, just great terpenes at great prices. Check out our mix and match gallon deal and purchase terpenes for as low as $0.79 per mL.

What do terpenes do?

Simply put, terpenes are what give plants their unique flavors and aromas. When you think of essential oils, think of a complex mixture of individual terpenes. Professional product formulators utilize terpenes to hone in on, and better control the flavor and aroma profile of the product that they’re developing. Floraplex’s terpenes are never diluted and, therefore, very concentrated! Please utilize proper personal protective equipment before formulating with our products.

Does Floraplex List The Terpenes Used In Its Blends?

Yes! Our Terpene Charts are publicly available for all to see on our website. Check them out here.

Are Terpenes Legal?

Yes! Floraplex derives its terpenes from only legal sources.

Terpene Benefits. Are There Any?

We get asked this question all the time; do terpenes help with anxiety, pain, sleep, nausea, etc. A quick web search will yield a tremendous amount of information regarding the purported health benefits of terpenes. However, Floraplex does not intend for its products to treat, diagnose, cure any symptom, disease, or condition of any ailment what so ever. Please use terpenes in accordance with their safety data sheets.
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