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Para-cymene is a colorless terpene that has a mild, pleasant odor described as sweet and somewhat citrusy. It is used in both as a fragrance enhancement and a flavoring.

Mineral Oil Free & Vitamin E Free

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Para-Cymene Terpene

We Have Para-Cymene for Sale in a Variety of Sizes

Natural, Food Grade

Sizes: 1oz, 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, 32oz, 1gal

Ingredients: Para-Cymene (natural)

Product Description

Para-cymene is a colorless, transparent liquid terpene with a mild, pleasant odor described as sweet and somewhat citrusy. It is naturally occurring, organic compound that exists throughout much of nature but is predominantly found in cumin and thyme. Used as a flavoring, para-cymene can be found in cakes, beverages, and confections, and is also used for enhancing fragrances. Other manufactured goods that use para-cyceme include paints, furniture, and other consumer goods.

Terpene Blends

Isolated terpenes are great for building your own profiles from scratch, however not everyone wants to go through the trial and error of getting it right. If you are looking for pre-made terpene profile blends please head over to our blends page.


Para-Cymene Terpene Molecule

Color: Colorless, transparent
Consistency: Liquid
Odor: Mild, sweetish aromatic
Taste: Citrus
Boiling point: 177ºC
Flash point: 47ºC
Solubility: In water, 23.4 mg/L at 25ºC
Formula: C10H14 or CH3C6H4CH(CH3)2
Density: 0.8573 g/cm3 at 20ºC
Molecular Weight: 134.222 g/mol


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