Botanically Derived Terpenes

Botanically derived terpenes for sale that are verifiably proven pure. Floraplex is working diligently to ensure that you are able to buy verifiably pure botanical terps. Don’t buy without documentation. Don’t take the risk. Don’t Waste your money.


Buyer beware! Desperate terpene companies are quickly and irresponsibly hopping on the train to offer you “100% pure botanically derive terpenes” without any evidence supporting their claims!!

Do not be fooled by other terpene companies who are desperate to make a quick buck off the recent technical bulletin released by the MRA allowing the use of botanical terpenes in infused products. It is great to hear that The Department has taken responsible measures to include botanically derived terpenes in the list of approved additives for infused products. However, the department remains hyper sensitive to the issue of public health and is taking the keen position that processors must be able to prove that terpene ingredients being added to infused products are indeed derived exclusively from botanical sources.

Floraplex Terpenes is the only terpene company in the industry that has publicly released terpene specification charts for all of the terpene blends that it sells currently. Our terpene spec charts detail precisely which terpenes and in what amount are in each of our blends by percentage and class of terpene. View all of our Terpene Spec Sheets (TSS).
As of 02/08/2020, only our isolates and diluents are 100% comprised of botanically derived terpenes. All of the terpene blends that we currently sell are  comprised of 97-99% botanically derived terpenes. The remaining 1-3% constitutes a very small amount of N&AF flavoring. The vast majority of our customers require the small addition of flavoring to their terpene blends giving them the flavorful edge required to stand out from the crowd. However, some jurisdictions such as Michigan, Colorado and Washington do not yet permit the addition of flavor in infused products.
Within the next week or so, we will offer on this page reformulations of our most popular blends absent all flavor additives. We are calling this terpene blend line “Botaniterps” because all of the blends that make up the line will be comprised exclusively 100% botanically derived terpenes. We have the ability to release the blends now, however, we are taking it slow and responsibly.
We want to do our part and equip you with verifiable and credible 3rd party analytical laboratory results that supports our claim of 100% botanical terpene composition After all, we cater to industry professionals who demand accuracy, consistency and verifiability from their purveyors. As you know this industry is extremely regulated and rightfully so. State governments are putting these rules in place for a reason. They want to keep consumers and communities safe. This is why we strongly encourage you not to buy botanically derived terpenes from any source until you are able to verify the purity and source of the ingredients used to make the blend.
Floraplex is the ONLY Michigan based terpene company. We are deeply rooted in the industry and understand the State’s rules and regulations better than any other terpene company. If you have any questions about botanically derived terpenes or Floraplex’s products in general we would love to hear from you. Feel free to drop us a line at info@buyterpenesonline or give us a call anytime between 9:00 AM-7:00 PM EST Monday-Friday at (800) 330-3233

Botanical Terpene Isolates

All of our terpene isolates listed below are exclusively derived from botanical sources. Each isolate is extracted from a plant. There are no added compounds, flavorings, solvents, vegetable oils, thinners or any other sort of adulterant to our isolates. Buy with confidence. Buy botanically derived terpenes from Floraplex. 

Botanical Terpene Diluents

Depending on your application you may need to reduce the concentration of your terpene blend, however you most formulators do not want to alter the flavor or aroma profile of their product. This is where botanically derived terpene diluents come into play.

Botanical Terpene Blends

LAUNCH DATE: 03/01/2020. We are currently awaiting quantitative lab analysis for our new line of 100% Botanical Terpene Blends. We feel that it is our responsibility to provide you supporting documentation to present your regulators with for approval. The Botaniterp line will consist of 10 initial blends as well as our sensory line. It is scheduled to launch 03/01/2020. If you would like to try samples, please fill out our sample request form which can be found here. For now you can make your own blends with isolates found on this page as well as our high viscosity terpene diluent.

Choose from our premium selection of botanically derived terpene blends. This category of blends is 100% comprised of terpenes derived from plant sources. Buy with confidence, there are no other added ingredients to these products. Just terps. Each product page features lab results that support our claim of 100% botanically derived terpenes. Don’t take the risk. Don’t buy without documentation!

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