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What is Citronellol?

Citronellol is a monoterpenoid found in natural sources such as geranium, roses, and citronella plants. This terpenoid is most distinguished by its sweet, floral scent that’s credited with giving roses their lovely aroma. Some have described citronellol’s taste as peachy but slightly bitter. Citronellol is a colorless to pale-yellow liquid when isolated. Often, this terpenoid is extracted by the hydrogenation of geraniol and nerol, though it is also extracted using other methods.
Citronellol Terpene Molecule


  • Color: Colorless
  • Consistency: Liquid, oily
  • Odor: Fresh rose, floral
  • Taste: Bitter, floral, peach-like
  • Boiling point: 224ºC
  • Flash point: 107ºC
  • Solubility: In water, 200 mg/L at 25ºC
  • Formula: C10H20O
  • Density: 0.8550 g/cm3 at 20ºC
  • Molecular Weight: 156.269 g/mol


As with any terpene isolate, citronellol is highly concentrated and must be diluted before use.

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